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Month: September 2021

Baba Vida

Baba Vida is a medieval fortress in Vidin in northwestern Bulgaria and the town’s primary landmark. It consists of two concentric curtain walls and about nine towers of which three are preserved to their full medieval height, including the original battlements, and is said to be the only entirely preserved medieval castle in the country. …

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The fortress of Belogradchik

The fortress of Belogradchik The fortress of Belogradchik occupies a strategic location between the Balkan passages “Sveti Nikola” and “Kadu-Boaz”. It came into being during 1 – 3 A.D. as a small fortress- rampart. The builder skillfully used the inaccessibility of the so called elliptic stone terrace “first plate”and has built it with defensive, observant, …

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Historical Museum – Chiprovtsi

The historical museum in Chiprovtsi was founded in 1988 and in direct connection with the national celebration of the 300th anniversary of the outbreak of the Chiprovtsi Uprising. The exhibition area in the main building starts with archaeological finds dating from a long chronological period from the Bronze Age to the Late Middle Ages. In …

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Chiprovtsi Monastery

Chiprovtsi Monastery is a Bulgarian Orthodox monastery 5 kilometres northeast of the town of Chiprovtsi in Montana Province in northwestern Bulgaria. It belongs to the diocese of Vidin and lies in the valley of the Ogosta river. According to Petar Bogdan, the monastery was built in the 10th century and remained a religious and cultural …

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