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Kremikovski monastery “St. George Pobedonosets”

The Kremikovski monastery of “St. George Pobedonosets” (“St. George the Victor”) is a medieval monastery, located at 4 km northern from Sofia’s neighborhood – Kremokovtsi. It was built during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1186-1396). It was destroyed when Sofia was conquered by the Ottomans in 1382 and it was restored in 1493 awith resources donated by the native leader Radivoi and the bishop Kalevit.
Nowadays is preserved the monastery church “Sveti Georgi”, restored in 1611. It is a small basilica, covered with half vault arch. Of great artistic value are the frescoes from 1493. They are the most valuable heritage of the Bulgarian Medieval art..
There is an impressive portrait of the church’s patron Sveti Georgi on the south wall. On this painting he rides a white horse and has stabbed his spear to the dragon. On the west wall is represented the custodian of the temple – Archangel Michael. Interesting are the images of St. St. Konstantin and Elena.
Of artistic and ethnographic value are the group founder’s portrait on the north wall (1493). Very impressive is the famous “Kremikovsko Evangelie”(The Gospel of Kremikovtsi) that dates back to the 15 th century. It is precious with its beautiful calligraphic painting.

Photography: Nikolay Dimitrov

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