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Baba Vida

Baba Vida is a medieval fortress in Vidin in northwestern Bulgaria and the town’s primary landmark. It consists of two concentric curtain walls and about nine towers of which three are preserved to their full medieval height,

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The fortress of Belogradchik

The fortress of Belogradchik The fortress of Belogradchik occupies a strategic location between the Balkan passages “Sveti Nikola” and “Kadu-Boaz”. It came into being during 1 – 3 A.D. as a small fortress- rampart. The builder skillfully

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Historical Museum – Chiprovtsi

The historical museum in Chiprovtsi was founded in 1988 and in direct connection with the national celebration of the 300th anniversary of the outbreak of the Chiprovtsi Uprising. The exhibition area in the main building starts with

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Chiprovtsi Monastery

Chiprovtsi Monastery is a Bulgarian Orthodox monastery 5 kilometres northeast of the town of Chiprovtsi in Montana Province in northwestern Bulgaria. It belongs to the diocese of Vidin and lies in the valley of the Ogosta river.

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The Red Church

The Red Church is one of the masterpieces of early Christian architecture in Europe, it is an architectural and archaeological monument of national importance. It received a status of a national ancient monument in 1927, and an

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The Gorge of Erma River

The Trun Gorge is a canonical gorge on the Erma River in western Bulgaria, in the easternmost part of Mount Rui, in the Municipality of Trun, Pernik District, about 3.5 km north of the town of Trun

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Cape Kaliakra

Kaliakra is a cape in the Southern Dobruja region of the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, which ends with a long and narrow headland 12 kilometres (7 mi) east of Kavarna, 60 kilometres (37 mi) northeast of

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Ruse, is the fifth largest city in Bulgaria. Ruse is in the northeastern part of the country, on the right bank of the Danube, opposite the Romanian city of Giurgiu, approximately 75 km (47 mi) south of

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Kaylaka park

Kaylaka is a large park and protected area south of Pleven, Bulgaria, situated in a Karst valley. The park is spread over 10 km² and is surrounded by sheer cliffs that suggest favourable conditions for rock climbing.

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Silistra is a town in Northeastern Bulgaria. The town lies on the southern bank of the lower Danube river, and is also the part of the Romanian border where it stops following the Danube. Silistra is the

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Fortification Medjidi Tabia

The fort is situated in South of Silistra and it is the most preserved of the six strengthening points of the defense system of the city, which plays an important role during Russian-Turkish wars in 1853-1856 an

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Madara Rider

Madara Rider was discovered for science in 1872. A relief of a horseman, with several inscriptions around, is carved on the cliffs. It is the only stone relief of this kind in Europe. It is carved 23

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Basarbovo Monastery

Basarbovo Monastery (Bulgarian: Басарбовски манастир) – the Monastery of Saint Dimitar Basarbowski – is a Bulgarian-orthodox cave monastery near the city of Ruse in north-eastern Bulgaria. It has the same name as the nearby village of Basarbovo

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Balchik Palace

The Balchik Palace is a palace in the Bulgarian Black Sea town and resort of Balchik in Southern Dobruja. The official name of the palace was the Quiet Nest Palace. It was constructed between 1926 and 1937,

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