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Memorial complex “Military tomb – 1916”

Tutrakan is a memorable and holy name in the wars for national unification. The town, as a part of Southern Dobroudja, is occupied by Kingdom Romania in 1913. Three years later, on the 5th and 6th September 1916, near Tutrakan is one of the most dramatic battles in entire national military history.

The Bulgarian armies attack the town, transmuted by the Romanian into a modern powerful fortress. It is taken in only 33 hours under the leadership of general Pantelei Kiselov.

Immediately after the epic battle the commandment of 4th Preslav infantry division decides all the Bulgarian, Romanian and German soldiers who were killed on the battlefield should be buried in fort of the Romanian fortification line of the fortress.

The complex is one of the biggest military graveyards from the war for national union on the territory of country, it’s a military monument – relic of national significance. Тhe grateful nation, every year in the first Sunday of September give deserved respect in honor of the more than 10,000 soldiers killed in the battle of Tutrakan.

Photography: Nikolay Dimitrov

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